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Services & Specialties

Empowering individuals* to overcome challenges and reach their full potential through professional counseling services.
*ages 12 and up


, IASIS MicroCurrent Neurofeedback
, Incest Group Therapy, Individual Counseling


Sexual Trauma
, Marriage, Anxiety, Depression, 
Lack of Focus/Drive, 
, Incest
, Childhood Trauma
, Stress, Grief, Self Esteem Issues
, Attachment
, Codependency, Dissociation

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Intensive Therapy Sessions
I partner with my clients to develop the best treatment plan tailored to their needs. I am dedicated to helping you Cultivate your new healing journey.

Layne Garrett
Licensed Professional Counselor

Our Counseling Approach

We believe that fostering a well-connected therapeutic relationship is imperative for healing. We are intentional in creating a safe space where our clients can connect, share, and grow. We work side by side with our clients to create a treatment plan that Cultivates personal healing and growth.


I began to have an almost crippling fear of flying. It wasn’t a fear of a plane crash, but something else I couldn’t understand. I spoke to Layne and explained what was happening and after digging deep, she traced a specific childhood trauma to air travel. She recommended we do EMDR and I immediately agreed. After our initial session, I felt relief but it wasn’t until my next trip that I realized the difference in me. I no longer have the anxiety and fear that I thought would change my life…not for the better. I can find peace in the moments that brought me uneasiness and insecurity. -Millie R.

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